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1911 Single Stack Trigger Stirrup Die

Fine-tune or reshape factory installed and damaged triggers with this handy stirrup die for single stack 1911 pistols. Correct the geometry of ill-fitting triggers that rub on your guns frame or magazine to restore smooth, precise trigger pull. Just place your trigger on the anvil and tap gently using a small hammer and / or soft punches to straighten bends and twists until the proper configuation is acheived. Simple to use, but requires some patience and skill to acheive best results, and final tuning may require additional hand-fitting. The die has two 1/4 - 20 holes for mounting to a small board (easier to hold), or you can hold the tool in a vise by the screws. The die can also be temporarliy attached to a workbench using thumbscrews. A must for professional gunsmiths and 1911 hobbyists alike. This anvil is for standard, single-stack 1911 models and will NOT work with double-stack STI or Para Ordnance triggers.