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  • Antminer D3-15 gh, and L3+fan shroud from shawnpc1 you-tube Chanel

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    this is the shroud that is on shawnpc1 you tube channel

    Antminer D3- 15gh, and L3+ fan shroud that ejects exhaust from top back port on the machines to your exhaust tubes.

    this is a slow production process so i fill the orders based on 1st come 1st serve. 

    we are currently gearing up the production and have more printers on order to speed up our production.

    the covers will come in different colors because of purchasing all the available supplies from every store that is close to us.

    we will try to make every cover in your shipment the same, but can not guarantee that they will be the same color.  

    this unit is built to fit the 120mm fan on the output side of the antminers you will have to purchase 8-32 screws by 2 inches long with washers to replace the bitmain screws unless you have the tool to shorten the screws by 1/8 of an inch.

    all orders will be placed in a Que and be printed first come first serve