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European M14 x 1.5 Professional Stainless Steel Wheel Hanger Studs (Set of 2)

This set of 2 extended length M14 x 1.5 wheel hanging lugs is designed for the professional technician or serious automotive enthusiast. Wheel hangers provide the much needed helping hand whenever wheel removal and installation is required on Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen (VW) or other European vehicles with M14 by 1.5 metric threads (14mm by 1.5.) Manufactured from solid stainless steel, these pilot pins are a full 12.7cm (5 inches) in length to aid the fitting of wheel spacers and still have enough room to grip the tools. Strong knurling enables a positive grip with gloved (or oily) hands and a hex-socket tip facilitates use of ratchet, hex-driver or power tools during installation and removal when your hands are tired or slippery. Use: During wheel removal, first remove 2 wheel lug bolts and replace them with the hanger pins to support the wheel. Then remove the remaining wheel bolts and withdraw the wheel from the supporting hangers. When reinstalling a wheel, insert 2 hangers into the hub and slide the wheel onto the hangers. The hangers will support the wheel and or spacer while you align and install the remaining bolts, after which you remove the hangers and complete the installation. These simple tools were designed and manufactured to withstand a lifetime of heavy duty use in a shop environment or by emergency roadside repair personnel and will not bend like budget aluminum or hollow pins. Use this high quality tool set to make your job faster and easier while avoiding the risk of damage or personal injury from a wheel dropping unexpectedly. Once you have tried them, these simple tools are sure to be favorite go-to tools whenever removing or installing a wheel is necessary for brake jobs, tire rotations, wheel spacers or any other vehicle servicing. Bright red protective thread caps are easy to spot in the shop or tow truck tool box. Lifetime guarantee.