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Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Bath Towels - White - Honeycomb - Set of 4

Boasting a nostalgic attitude right out loud with this textured Honeycomb collection from Bare Cotton. This collection is specifically designed to bring a fashionable look to your bathroom. The Honeycomb line is defined by superior absorbency generous size luxurious quality and attractive looks. The cotton is combed to make the Honeycomb line extra soft and tactile.

- 100% Turkish Cotton
- Generously sized
- Wonderfully soft
- Made from all natural materials
- Great absorbency
- Quick dry
- Machine washable. Wash Before Using
- Made in Turkey

Size Chart
- Bath Towel: Most Common everday towels ( 27x54 inches )
- Hand Towel: Used to dry hands and as decorative accents ( 16x30 inches )
- Wash Cloth: Used to wash hands, body and face in and out of the shower ( 13x13 inches )
- Bath Sheets: Oversized for more coverage ( 35X70 inches )
- Oversized Bath Sheets: Oversized for more coverage ( 40x80 inches )
- Bath Mat: To provide warm non-slip surface outsite the tub or shower, and absorb water like a towel. ( 39x25 inches )