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Recoil Spring Set (3 pieces) for Sig Sauer P250C Compact 9mm (9mm only)

American National Firearms set of 3 recoil springs for Sig Sauer P250C 9mm. This is a set of 3 high quality standard strength recoil springs for the guide rod in your Sig Sauer P250C (Compact) 9mm. If your P250C 9mm has the spring that slides on and off the original guide rod, these springs are exact, drop-in equivalents for your original. If you have the plastic guide rod with ""captured"" spring (the spring does not slide on and off), you can now enhance your gun using one of these springs and one of our solid stainless steel guide rods. These recoil springs are for the Sig P250C in 9mm only. They will not fit the P250C chambered in .45, the P250 Sub-Compact or the P250F (Full Size) in any caliber. **Note: There are two types of guide rods found in this model firearm. One is the traditional style where the spring will slide on and off the rod, and the other is the ""captured spring"" type where the spring does not slide off. Sometimes, one end can break off of the plastic ""captured spring"" guide rod, and the rod will look like a traditional rod with a spring that now slides on and off. Please check to see which guide rod you have before purchase of these springs. This is a set of 3 recoil springs