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Shotgun Bore and Choke Gauge

Handy bore gauge makes checking shotgun bore and choke sizes effortless. Simply insert the gauge into your choke or bore and the last ring to drop easily into the hole indicates the bore size. Each step of the tool matches industry standard sizes for Cylinder (CYL), Improved Cylinder (IC), Modified (M), Improved Modified (IM) and Full (F) choke sizes over the five most common American shotgun bore size designations (12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410.) Easily identify your unmarked chokes or take it with you to gun shows and pawnshops to verify bore / choke sizes prior to purchase of used guns. The high definition white lettering is easy to read over the contrasting black finish, and a handy attachment point for keyring or lanyard means you never have to go to a gun shop without it. Whether you are a hunter, gunsmith or shop owner, this beautifully crafted, time-saving tool is sure to become a favorite for it's convenience, accuracy and ease of use. *** Indicated choke size are representative of industry standards. Variations exist among choke and barrel manufacturers with respect to design, specification, production tolerance and nominal size designation. Every effort has been made to manufacture this reference tool to the highest possible standards. Always pattern your shotgun to know real-world results.***