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""Tungsten Tactical Pro G2"" Generation 2, 2oz. Competition Heavyweight Guide Rod and Springs for Sig Sauer P220, P220 and P227

American National Firearms second generation Tungsten Tactical Pro G2. At a whopping 2 ounces, this competition guide rod is even better than the original and includes both a 15lb. and a 20lb. spring to accommodate all calibers. The Tungsten Tactical Pro G2 is the ultimate match guide rod for IDPA, IPSC, USPSA or any other competitive shooting sport that requires rapid, accurate shot placement. More weight, greater stability, superior performance. Governed by the laws of physics, the advantages of using a heavier guide rod are indisputable - and so are the results - tighter groups, faster follow up shots and reduced fatigue. With a Mil-SPEC stainless steel chassis and a heavy tungsten core, the new Tungsten Tactical Pro G2 guide rod for the Sig Sauer P220, P226 and P227 is twice the weight of a solid steel guide rod and more than 4 times the weight of an original Sig hollow metal rod. The greater mass at the front of the gun is more resistant to a change of motion when shooting, which helps to tame recoil and get your sights back on target quickly. With this decrease in muzzle flip, follow up shots can be placed swiftly and with more accuracy, while the moderation of felt recoil (due to the greater inertia) translates to a reduction in shooter fatigue. In short, you will shoot more quickly, more accurately and for a longer duration before fatigue and shaking begin to interfere with performance. The tough stainless steel exterior ensures long term durability; it will not chip or break. The Tungsten Tactical Pro G2 is guaranteed for life. This guide rod fits the standard P220, P226 and P227 with the 4.4 inch barrel. It does not fit the X5/X6, Carry Elite, models with the 3.9"" barrel, P320 or models with the .22lr conversion.